This is the Broken Moon Universe, a world where the moon is quite solid, but there’s a problem.
It is subject to the whims of the gods.

Each man and woman sees the moon for themselves, some may see the moon, some may not, it all depends on the deity each person follows. If you don’t follow a deity, then your nights will be haunted by shadows, even as a child, they will not let you rest, they have been stealing children.

There is a legend however.

The moon has many different parts in the world, shards broken off by the gods, and hidden in their own realms to solidify their dominance.
Each god in the Pantheon of fire, nature, earth and wind has a piece of this shard.
Each piece of the shard is hidden in one of the thousands of temples owned by each god.
The pieces must be fused in the forges of the Fey-wilds to form a whole shard.
The shards have to be fused in the flames of each god’s power, the favors of which must be earned through decades of servitude and dedication.

Or so the rumors go…

Broken Moon Universe